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Art Commission Order Information

When placing an order for a custom commissioned art piece, there are a few things to keep in mind through out the order process:

What I DO Draw

  • Head Shots (neck-up)
  • Busts (chest-up, no hands showing)
  • Half-Body (waist-up, hands showing)
  • People
  • Pets
  • Any of the above as a sketch with monochromatic shading, lineart with no/flat-shading, or full-color.

What I DON'T Draw

  • NSFW
  • Extreme Gore
  • Anything hateful, racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.
  • Furries, etc.
  • Detailed armor/backgrounds

Order Process

Once you have placed an order for a commissioned piece, you will receive 2 emails; a confirmation email and an email with instructions on sending the required information from you (references, preferences, etc.}

When the email is received, I will begin the commission process with your sketch. I'll send you a sketch of your portrait for any revisions/changes before I move on to the line art and color. 2 revisions at this stage are included.
 Please note, I work on commissions in the order they’re received and it may take between 1-2 weeks for your commission to be finished, depending on how many commissions I’m working on.
 Once I’m fully finished with your commission, I’ll email you with the finished product for your final approval. 1 revision at this stage is included.
 Your final piece will be sent to you via email in .png and .jpg formats at 400 dpi. 

If you have any questions at any stage in the process, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your full satisfaction in your commissioned piece is my goal!